Life is being too nice to me at the moment, it’s scary because I know that that won’t last forever


Submission: whenyoulaugh 

I am in total shock right now unbelievable

unbelievable this bat shit girl just broadcasted totally no clothing pictures of herself all on her blog lol…really looks like she did it by mishap so I have them


So, my parents have been on holiday, which means i’ve been left to look after myself, and the house.

And i love it! As much as i love my parents i dont want them to come back. I like having the independence of doing what i want when i want too, not having to ask if i can bring a friend or my boyfriend home for the night, i can watch what i want on the tv. 

and as weird as it is…. i like cleaning the house and doing the washing and all that…. “/

Dont get me wrong i want my parents to come home, but to a different house, and me have my own….

ugh i wanna be able to move out

wowwww Im REALLY wondering what this girls parents think about her right now…wowwww

wowwww this bat shit gal just downloaded undeniably nude pics of herself all on top of her account lol…sort of appears like she did it by mishap so I have them



17. Enjoying life. My Friends come first, Thats the bottom line. Family is the most important thing in my life. They have helped and supported me through so much.
Music IS my life, i seriously could not live without it. I have to listen to music in the morning to help me get through the day... its kinda like my coffee.
A Day To Remember <3<br /> Coheed & Cambria <3<br /> Evanescence <3<br /> KoRn <3<br /> Avenged Sevenfold <3<br /> Slipknot <3<br /> Stone Sour <3<br /> Blink 182 <3 <br /> Parkway drive <3 <br /> Pendulum <3 <br /> Gigs<3 <br /> Photography<3 <br /> Tattoos<3 <br /> Piercing<3